Carniceria/Butcher There is 20 ft glass meat display in our Meat Department. Certified regularly inspected by the Orange County Health Department. Our prices are lower than Northgate, Albertsons, Ralph's!. There are over a 100 items available ranging from Seafood, Poultry, Beef and Pork. With us you will get the personalized service from a trained experienced butcher. We specialize in all Mexican meats like Cabeza, Tripa, Lengua, Bouche ect. Check out our Bi-weekly flyers for some great specials.

Fresh Produce With a daily supply of fresh produce. Come and check out wide 10 ft produce case that carries all the essential fruits and vegetables you need. Prices are reasonably price. The producedepartment carries All the main Fruits and Vegetable that you can think of. Check out our Bi-weekly flyers for some great specials.

Beer & Wine & Cold Beverages We boast a 28 Door walk in cooler with a wide variety of ice cold beverages. Half of these Doors are dedicated specifacally Beer. We have beers from over 25 different countries all kept at nearWine perfect near fIce cold Beerreezing temperatures of 34 degrees. Our selection icludes Corona, Modelo, Victoria, Bohemia, Pacifico, Tecate, Heineken, Saporo, Blue Moon, Fat Tire, Red Stripe and many more. Our demostic beers include Budweser, Bud Light, Coors, MGD, Samual Adams and many more. We have some of the finest red and white wine selections from Chile, Australia and California. We also have 100's of non-alcoholic beverages to choose from. All served ice cold from our state of the art coolers.

Groceries Being a full service grocery store, we carry 1000's of grocery items. We specialize in Mexican products imported straight from Mexico. We carry canned items, Milk, bacon, butter, rice, pasta, icecream, bleach, Winedetergent, deodorent, toothpaste and on and on....with all kids of name Mexican brands such as Sauvitel, Fabuloso, Abuelita, Ariel, La Moderna, Tapatio, Juanita's, Ganesa and also domestic name brands such asGreen Giant, Red and White, Tide, Downy,Del Monte, Heinz, Nestle and many more, Check out our Bi-weekly flyers for some great specials